Allergy Test

Allergy Test with VEGATEST

Vega allergy testing uses electro-acupuncture, which measures electrical activity in the body. It is non-invasive, as it uses the acu-points of the finger or feet with a small electrode, and so there are no needles and no pain. The VEGATEST is a skin resistance measuring instrument, optimized for measuring acupuncture points, for measuring according to the VEGATEST method and other well-known methods. Through the high-quality relay even the smallest measuring changes are being displayed on the very fast reacting pointer instrument.

VEGATEST Diagnosis method: Resistance measuring with pressure stylus pen. Measuring of physical main parameters (skin resistence, skin resistence change) on acupuncture points. By means of these measuring data and the reaction of skin resistance, conclusions about the bio-genetic structures and functions ot the human organism can be established.

What can Vega allergy testing detect?

A wide range of over 200 different substances

* Different foods

* Food preservatives and colourings

* Environmental allergens

* Pollens

* Dust / dust mites

* Shrubs / weeds / grasses

* Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies