A wonderful story of Autism road to recovery.

Parents Cristina and Dorin, Birmingham

Our son Razwan. From a cucoon to an emerging butterfly: Razwan had been diagnosed with severe autism in 2010 when he was 3 years old. Razwan was in a world of his own non verbal no communication no Mamma or Papa no eye contact never naughty or sad just like a lifeless doll. We had good some experiences with homoeopathic treatment in the past in Romania. So we believed and realised that homeopathy may be the only way to bring our son into our world and rescue him from the world he was in. We went to see Homeopath Saeeda Sadiq at Immuneaid homeopathic clinic.

The first treatment of Homeopathic medicine was administered Saeeda also combined this with Nutrional Therapy and detoxification in which she prescribed certain vitamins supplements and advice on maintaining an organic diet where possible for Razwan. Within a month our Razwan started to show amazing progress to repeat words slowly he started making eye contact it was an amazing time for all of us as parents and Saeeda as Razwans homeopath we were so pleased with his early response.

Over the months of treatment Razwan didnt look back slowly but surely he started to copy sentences started to look us in the eyes and make efforts to copy sentences and learn how to talk. By four years old he was out of nappies and able to indicate when he needed to go!

Razwan started school last year from part time, now full time with regular homeopathy he has got through each milestone and transition much easier. His school teachers have noticed how Razwan is flourishing, He has had glowing reports from school this year. Razwan now knows how to asks for his favourite treats and has also started to become naughty which for most parents may be annoying but for me it came as a blessing.

We are very please with the care we received for our son

Parents Cristina and Dorin, Birmingham