We were skeptical of homeopathic medicine in general. with no conventional medical cure available, however through recommendations we were guided to sister saeeda and all praise due to Allah, we were impressed. Our son who is 2 has been suffering for over a year with bronchiolitis

Through the meticulous dietary advice medicine and keen, receptive follow-ups provided by sister saeeda and of course through the mercy of Allah our son was pretty much cured within the week of his starting the treatment, his wheezing and recurrant colds all but dissapeared. Now we ourselves as well as our siblings family seek recourse to sister saeeda Alhamdullilah.

We would recommend to everyone try out and see for themselves the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine, especially at the hands of immuneaid.

Mr Irfan Moughal and Mrs Aneesa Akhtar Birmingham.
Parents of Zakiriyah (Bronchitis)