hepatitis B

My son was diagnosed with hepatitis B, by the team at Solihull hospital. At that I decided, to get a second opinion , from my Homeopath: Saeeda Sadiq .After explaining the signs and symptoms, to her, she carried out a consultation and then gave a course of homeopathic pills for Uzair. After the complete course: he had a scan at the Heartlands Hospital, and to our astonishment, the results showed a healthy liver.

I strongly believe, that medication actually eradicated the hep B, to such an extent that the doctors said “they’d never seen such a healthy liver”. My son has ADHD, and has learning difficulties, which makes it hard for him to communicate and understand others. However, he also is convinced that this form of medicine works and definitely helped him get rid of his illness.


Uzair Ayaz Birmingham (hepatitis B)