Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Around July 2015, I noticed my daughters right knee was very hot and swollen, especially in the mornings. At times she was unable to put weight on her legs.  My husband and I knew something wasn’t right. After several trips to the doctors we were finally referred to the hospital. After many tests the hospital diagnosed her with Juvenile idiopathic arthritis.  My daughter was three years old at the time. My friends daughter, who is five weeks younger then my daughter was diagnosisd with Jia a year or so earlier.

We (my husband and I ) were very confused.  We were told to give my daughter ibroprofen three times a day alongside another medicine to line the stomach as ibrophen can also upset the stomach. We did this for nearly 3 months and nothing had changed.

My daughter was referred to Birmingham children’s hospital where under general anesthetic she was given a total of six steroid injections on different joints.

Our friends strongly advised us to to try homeopathy as it seemed to be working for their daughter. The hospital on the other hand were wanted to start my daughter on a chemo type of drug called methotrexate. We decided to give the homeopathy a go.

We met Saeeda who started Renaya on homeopathic medicine and we were also told to put Renaya on an organic diet. Soon after the steroid injections my daughters right knee began to show signs of inflamation. The hospital were keen for her to start the methotrexate but we resisted. In the end she was booked for another lot of steroid injections in July 2016. However all the hard work and perseverance paid off as my daughter did not need to have any injections and there were no signs of inflamation anywhere!! It’s been a long process but Saeeda has been so patient and helpful.

But it goes to show homeopathy alongside an organic diet has worked.

Saeeda always goes out of her way to help. The amount of times I’ve messaged her about random things she’s always responded and helped me!! She genuinely cares about helping people especially children get better without the strong medicines (with many serious side effects) God willing the inflamation and arthritis will stay away but even if we can manage it then I’m happy. My friends daughter is also now arithtis free or in remission as the hospitals refer it as.