Thrombocylithymia blood disorder

I would like to inform you about my blood disorder which is known as “Thrombocylithymia” .I was diagnosed in February last year 2011. I was told that my bone marrow was producing extra platelets in my blood, this would thicken the blood and could cause a stroke. I was told to take an aspirin everyday but this on its own did not help because my platelets count went up to 1240 which was quiet high.

This would make me groggy in the head and I would get thirsty I found it hard to even make my own breakfast. The problem was getting serious and the haematologist were going to prescribe me a type of chemotherapy tablet which is called “Hydroxycarbamide” .

The side effects were numerous. I was in shock and became very emotional. I found it very hard to accept that I had this problem. However one of my best friend who is a doctor herself informed me with the homeopathy treatment. At first I was a bit reluctant but then I thought I don’t really want to take the hydroxycarbmide. I phoned up this sister Saeeda who was really good gave me an appointment . The consultation that I had was excellent! It gave me hope and so I began this treatment. As I am still on this treatment my platelets have come down to 840. I feel a lot better now and carry out my everyday duties as a normal person. Before when my platelets were high I could not do anything. I couldn’t drive I was like a zombie couldn’t think nor do anything. I felt like an invalid.
Thanks to this homeopathic treatment it is gift from Allah swt with no side effects!!!
wasalm :-):-)


Naseem Birmingham (“Thrombocylithymia” blood disorder )