Nutritional Therapy

Holistic Nutritional Therapy

Food is vital for life, it is needed to fuel every single cell in your body. Along with homeopathic medicine, I strongly advise my patients to have nutritional therapy, combined together, which will enable the body to achieve its full potential of health and vitality.
My approach:

I use many different approaches taking into account my patients lifestyle, ethnic backgrounds etc as where all different and come from different parts of the world, I believe that it is very important to revive the holistic healthy roots that once existed. I adjust the diets according to the cultural food preferences and needs making it easier interesting and more practical for my patients, taken into consideration the nutrients required. Nutritional Therapy is a natural approach to restoring and maintaining good health through the use of diet and nutrition. It addresses most underlying causes of your health problems rather than just the symptoms. And you are! basically what you eat.
My approach is to apply nutritional therapy, through eating wholesome organic food where possible, for the patient according to there budget, In some cases it may involve application of minerals, vitamins and other supplements, although my main aim is to regain health through wholesome food, clean water and of course if the patient chooses, homeopathic medicine.
Benefits of combined therapy:

Allergy testing is also important to individualise the patients dietary tolerances and would be an asset to the nutritional therapy and homeopathic treatment, combined package is available, please refer to the consultation section. All the diet plans are tailored to individual circumstances. detox plans are only given to my clients after detailed case analysis.
Weight loss plans:

Patients who want to loose weight safely, eating plans would be tailored to suit there individual needs, after taking into account there diet and lifestyle. Monthly measurements and weight checks will be made.