Consultation: During the first consultation, this is a time for you to express yourself and talk about your problem in a relaxed environment. You will be asked to complete a full medical history including all the issues physical, emotional and social, which you and your practitioner may feel are relevant to your state of health. A clinical examination may be necessary depending upon the individual case. A full initial consultation will last around 60 mins and is strictly confidential.


Homeopathy First consultation:    £60.00 (Includes homeopathic remedies)

Homeopathy Follow-ups:              £50.00 (Includes homeopathic remedies)

Nutritional Therapy:                        £50.00

Weight loss plan:                                £120.00

Food Allergy testing

Food Allergy/Intolerance testing: £85.00 (Foods only)

Allergy testing full                           £150.00 (Food, environmental,  vitamin & minerals deficiencies)



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